cooking with wine

The secrets of cooking with wine

Cooking with wine may sound wired and sometimes we do not tolerate alcohol, denying wine a gastronomic importance would be a mistake. There are many people, even abstainers, who cook with wine because its aromatic and taste profile is very pleasant in a myriad of dishes. We generally speak of whites and reds in this …

carrot tartare recipe

Delicious carrot tartare recipe

The inspiration for the tartare is an Ethiopian dish called kitfo, a steak tartare that has been warmed in butter infused with a bunch of spices. It is out of this world! Ethiopians eat the tartare several different ways: t’ire (raw) or leb leb (medium-rare) and sometimes cooked further. The spices play really nicely with the sweetness of seasonal carrots here in lieu of beef. I …

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